Hill Country Homeowners Association Management specializes in personalized financial, administrative and property management for homeowners associations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

The Advantage of ONE Manager

Your Hill Country Homeowners Association Manager will handle EVERY task from financial reports, community meetings to walking the property. This ensures that your manager knows and understands your community and your needs.  We are an experienced, locally owned team of professionals who are members of the Community Association Institute (CAI).  Our low overhead allows us to offer the same services at a discounted rate.We live and work in the San Antonio community and have a vested interest to make our community a better place.

We offer worry free, concierge style management services where every aspect of your association will be handled by ONE dedicated and experienced property manager. So many management companies use multiple professionals to service your account and the personal touch is lost. You have one person who handles the board, another who prepares financial reports, an administrative team that handles mail, another person who works with vendors, an insurance specialist, a separate company who receives your payments, etc. Hill Country Homeowners Association Management gives you ONE person who handles your community.

The Advantage of ONE Price

Most management contracts include a base price for management and a list of hundreds of small charges that add up to big numbers. We will give you one price that includes EVERYTHING. Meetings, emails, phone calls, faxes, mailings. Eliminate those unpredictable administrative costs from your budget.  With us, it's all INCLUDED!

Our Full Service plan covers total financial, administrative and maintenance support:

Financial Services:

Preparation of monthly financial statements, including:

•Balance Sheet
•Income Statement
•Budget Variance
•General Ledger
•Delinquent Homeowners Report

Assist in opening and maintaining bank accounts as directed by the Board of Directors.

Maintain account ledgers and history for each homeowner

Prepare and distribute a monthly financial statement to the Board of Directors that includes a balance sheet, income statement, check register report, accounts payable report, and delinquency report.

Secure the printing and mailing of billing coupons/statements to all unit owners.

Prepare and submit to the Board, a proposed annual budget and assist in the preparation and dissemination of the final budget.

Perform ongoing budget analysis and continually monitor cost trends in the area to avail the Association of the most economical operational practices.

Maintain a computerized corporate ledger which includes all receipt and disbursement information.

Upon request, provide individual Homeowners with the status of their own account and coordinate the solution of any discrepancies that may occur between the official record and a Homeowners record.

Generate and mail out the correspondence necessary to bring delinquent accounts up to date and if unsuccessful in collecting, recommend the appropriate legal action.

Review and Maintain copies of annual financial statements.

Assist and cooperate with any outside auditing firm that may be retained by the Association.

Prepare, process, and distribute IRS Form 1099’s at the end of each calendar year for tax purposes

Administrative Services

Perform administrative record keeping

Maintain communication and correspondence with board of directors and residents

Review and assist with the placement of insurance. At the direction of the Board, obtain premium quotations for such insurance as shall be deemed necessary.

Assist in development of and enforcement of property rules and regulations.

Research property improvement programs for discussion with property owners and/or Board of directors.

Provide input to the Board as to changes in State and Federal HOA Laws and rules.

Attend all schedule meetings of the Board of Directors or Homeowners per contract.


Make arrangements for maintenance activities as shall be deemed necessary.

Furnish Board members with the latest in community association operational information.

Solicit bids for special programs/contract services and implement and supervise the completion of such programs; reporting the progress of the same to the Board as required.

Receive, advise and process work order requests by Homeowners per guidelines laid out by the Association.

Prescribe long-range maintenance programs and provide input to the Board as to alternative programs for solution to specific problems.

Respond to homeowner and external inquiries during normal business hours via telephone, mail, and or e-mail in a timely manner.

Respond to emergency requests 24 hours per day, 7days per week by telephone during business hours and emergency phone during nights, weekends, and holidays.

Visit property as necessary as may be required to meet with homeowners or vendors and to make determinations about the physical state of the property

Community Website

Hill Country Homeowners Association Management will create and service a website for your association that functions as a member-portal and interactive communications tool. You can also upgrade (additional but resaonable fee) to choose from many different design options and online functions.  Online tools include:  message board, surveys, online voting, member directory, business directory, pet directory, sitter directory, photo album, recipe book, ads, and many more. 

State of the Art Technology

In addition to your own community website, Hill Country Homeowners Association Management offers state of the art software for residents and board members.  Our online software give homeowners 24x7 access to their account online.  Residents can check their account balance, make payments online, review community documents and update their personal contact information.

Your community will never look better.  Our inspectors use iPad applications custom made for your community to take pictures and track violations.  Board members have real time access to view photos and reports.  

Board Members will have 24x7 access all of your community information.    As a board member you can view financial reports, enter maintenace tasks, view homeowner information and balances, view banking information, upload copies of bills that have been paid, and much more. 

We are GREEN!

As our business grows, we want to make sure we minimize our impact on the Earth's climate. We take every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company to reduce the use of paper, use electronic communications when possible, and encourage our employees and board of directors to be environmentally responsible. 

Most management contracts include a base price for management and a list of hundreds of small charges that add up to big numbers. We will give you ONE price that includes EVERYTHING. UNLIMITED Meetings, emails, phone calls, mailings. It's all INCLUDED!

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