Guidelines for Online Meetings
Posted on March 25, 2020 4:16 PM by Melissa Gentry
With the current self quarantine and stay ordnances in place many associations are opting to conduct business via web conference.  Here are some guidelines for web conferences:
Guidelines for Online Meetings
1.     Be on time.  If you arrive late, please don’t interrupt the call. Remain silent and catch up as best as you can.
2.     Mute yourself. Background noise disrupts the meeting for everyone and might prevent us from hearing the information that we need.
3.     Communicate via chat.  Submit any questions or comments in the chat.  The moderator will ask your question and recognize you to speak. 
4.     Identify yourself. Before you start to speak, please state your name so we know who is talking. Everyone might not recognize your voice.
5.     Speak slowly and clearly. Please try not to talk over another speaker. This makes conversations extremely difficult to understand.
6.     Stick to the agenda. Please try to stay focused on the current topic.
7.     No one-on-one side conversations. All discussion is meant for everyone.
8.      Attack the problem, not the person. There will be differences of opinion. You will not agree with everything that is discussed. But please be open to hearing other people’s perspectives.
9.     Disconnect when complete.  You may need to walk away during the meeting.  Please leave the chat.  At the end of board meetings, the board may meet in executive session.  Non board members are not privileged to observe this portion of the meeting and will be asked to leave. 
Thanks in advance!