Board Meeting Basics
Posted on June 8, 2020 2:36 PM by Melissa Gentry
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With our current self isolation circumstances many associations have moved to holding online meetings to continue running association business.  The online meetings have resulted in increased attendance to board meetings.  Many owners who have been unable to attend board meetings in the past are now logging on to see and hear association business.  We welcome you!
If you've never attended a Board of Directors meeting then you are not taking advantage of your right to observe the decision-making process that protects, preserves and enhances your community's assets.  There are also rules that need to be followed during a board meeting. 
Most of the business decisions made at a board meeting have a direct impact on the property values of our community. Decisions regarding association maintenance items are the most common. Some decisions have an indirect effect, such as decisions regarding rules and regulations and financial operations. But whether they effect property values directly or indirectly they all have some impact on our community and as a member of the community, they impact you.
Board Meeting Basics
1. The Board meeting is a meeting of the Directors of the Corporation.
2. As homeowners, you have a vested interest in your community, and you elected the Board members to take care of those interests.
3. Business matters come before the Board when a motion is made, and seconded. Each motion has a discussion period before a vote is taken. This discussion is to take place only between the Board members (and with management, if needed).
4. When a vote on a motion is taken, it is voted on by the Board members only.
5. If you would like an item to be considered by the Board to be on a future agenda for a decision, please submit your request or suggestion in writing at least three days before the next meeting
Board Meeting Phases
There are three different phases of a Board meeting.
The Business Meeting, at which the board discusses and makes decisions based on a pre-established meeting agenda. Homeowners can attend the Business Meeting, but they are not allowed to speak to the Board during this portion of the Board meeting. Homeowners are encouraged to attend to observe only. 
The Homeowners Open Forum, where homeowners can address the Board with your ideas, comments and/or suggestions pertaining to our community.  Although Board Meetings are in place to conduct the business of the Association, the Board would love to hear from you. During the Homeowners Open Forum, homeowners are permitted to address the Board for a limited time period. An important point to remember is that although important issues may be brought to the Boards attention during Open Forum, do not expect the Board to act on these issues at this time. Many issues are turned over to management for research and to determine the options available for dealing with the issues. The more prepared the Board is before making a decision, the better the decision will be.
The Executive Session, which is conducted without homeowners present in order to discuss issues related to legal issues, personnel issues and/or non-compliance hearings.  Homeowners are not allowed to attend the Executive Session. Sensitive legal, personnel and/or hearing issues are dealt with during Executive Session.
A strong community is built on a strong foundation of participation.  We hope to see you at the next meeting!