How Secure Are Online Elections?
Posted on August 6, 2020 11:06 AM by Melissa Gentry
Categories: Homeowner Articles
As we transition to holding board elections online its normal to wonder about the integrity of the ballots and election software.  We researched many services and selected a service that provides a reliable voting platform with the highest level of integrity.  Below are some of the features that protect your vote. 
  • A voter notice is delivered to each voter, which contains the voter's unique voter link (a website address that contains an access key and takes the voters straight to the ballot).
  • An access key (a unique, random combination of 16 individual alpha-numeric characters) is required to access the ballot.
  • The access key can be used only once; therefore, voters can only vote once.
  • Ballots are encrypted using SSL encryption.
  • Administrators can see who voted but are restricted from seeing a voter's individual voting choices. Votes are summarized to show the winner and how many votes were received for each choice on each position or question.
  • Voter information is tracked (IP address and voter details) to allow for voting audits.
We hope this provides you peace of mind that your vote is secure.