Dealing with Graffiti
Posted on August 5, 2018 12:49 PM by Melissa Gentry
Categories: Homeowner Articles
When schools out incidents of graffiti in the neighborhood tend to increase. The association monitors and immediately removes graffiti from common areas and encourages you to do the same with your property. The association recommends these steps for dealing with graffiti:
  • If you happen to see someone defacing property, don't try to stop it yourself. Call the police immediately and report a vandalism in progress. Make a mental note of as many details as possible about the perpetrators—how many, what age, male or female, distinctive clothing—that will help police.
  • Encourage your neighbors to do the same—watch for and report graffiti vandals.
  • When graffiti appears on your property, photograph it before removing it. Record when and where it appeared, when it was removed, the cost and other relevant information. Share your documentation with the police and insurance agent.
  • Remove graffiti immediately. "Taggers" gain more notoriety the longer the graffiti remains. Removing it quickly sends a message that you care about our community.
  • Install good lighting in areas vulnerable to graffiti.
  • Plant shrubs or climbing vines in graffiti-prone areas. Or, replace walls with hedges.
  • In problem areas where graffiti reappears regularly, try applying a layer of clear paint or silicone coating over painted surfaces. This will make cleaning future graffiti much easier.
The city of San Antonio’s GAP is responsible for abating graffiti on sidewalks, curbs, improved drainage easements and retaining walls. In addition, the GAP assists owners and tenants of private property with the abatement of graffiti, provision of abatement supplies and on preventive measures such as lighting and the use of vegetation. The GAP also proactively abates CPS Energy infrastructure including wooden poles, metal poles and towers.
The City will provide free paint and supplies. City staff will assist with graffiti removal for elderly and disabled citizens upon request.