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As we contemplate our nations upcoming presidential elections it comes to mind how our community association has so much in common.  Community associations like ours have a lot in common with municipal governments. As members of a governing body, our board members meet regularly to discuss and vote on important community issues, like paying the association’s bills, funding our reserves and contracting with vendors to keep our community amenities in good repair. The board makes decisions about these and other important topics using a democratic process.
Also like a government, our association board has the legal authority to enforce rules and regulations—somewhat like laws—and to collect assessments, like a government collects taxes, to pay to maintain shared amenities like parking lots, general landscaping and street lights, and to pay the association’s bills.
Our association also has the authority to take legal action, if necessary, if a homeowner fails to meet his or her obligations that we all agreed to when we purchased in this community. These obligations include paying regular assessments on time, abiding by architectural or design policies, and observing community rules.
Posted on August 6, 2020 11:06 AM by Melissa Gentry
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As we transition to holding board elections online its normal to wonder about the integrity of the ballots and election software.  We researched many services and selected a service that provides a reliable voting platform with the highest level of integrity.  Below are some of the features that protect your vote. 
  • A voter notice is delivered to each voter, which contains the voter's unique voter link (a website address that contains an access key and takes the voters straight to the ballot).
  • An access key (a unique, random combination of 16 individual alpha-numeric characters) is required to access the ballot.
  • The access key can be used only once; therefore, voters can only vote once.
  • Ballots are encrypted using SSL encryption.
  • Administrators can see who voted but are restricted from seeing a voter's individual voting choices. Votes are summarized to show the winner and how many votes were received for each choice on each position or question.
  • Voter information is tracked (IP address and voter details) to allow for voting audits.
We hope this provides you peace of mind that your vote is secure. 
Posted on June 22, 2020 1:19 PM by Melissa Gentry
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Techniques To Use That Get Results When You Have A Complaint or Question 
Our Board of Directors and management company welcome constructive complaints because they help them do a better job. Results-oriented complaints usually can be settled in the initial stage and the result will be fewer complaints in the future. Your board and management are responsible for enforcing the association documents uniformly and fairly.  Here are some techniques to follow to ensure results:
- Keep the tone polite and professional. Try not to get angry or emotional.
- Do NOT use profanity.  
- Avoid using threats. Threats diminish productive communication. If you push others they may respond emotionally and the issue will be lost in the process.
- State what you want done.
- Listen and ask questions.
- You may want to negotiate. Be ready to suggest alternative solutions.
- Understand the board or management may not be able to accommodate your request for legal reasons.
- Don't expect exceptions to rules.  
- If there is an agreement, confirm it. Make a written note to yourself. If the problem is complex or money is involved, confirm the agreement by letter.
- If you cannot agree on a solution stay calm. Do some more research. But remain calm.
  We are here to help!
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