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Software Upgrades Transitioning
We are excited to announce that Hill Country Homeowners has selected a new all-in-one software provider for 2021!  Our new software allows us to handle all tasks from one system. Accounting, violations, ACC requests and more are all handled in one place.  This makes life much easier for us, our board members and owners.
Integration is simply the act of integrating, but it has a deeper meaning in software development. Integration means combining multiple software subsystems into one unified system. Selecting software with an effective integration strategy will help save us time and work in the long run.
Just as it works today, the new software is available on all devices, so you can access your account from your phone, tablet, and computer. When owners log into their account they will see the statements, account information, any open violations, ACC requests, community documents as well as several other features.
This technology is surprisingly user-friendly. We are not losing any of our current features and instead gaining more transparency and ease of use.  The transition will begin in the middle of November and finish in January.  We will keep you updated along the way.