This form is for the Laura Heights community ONLY.  
Please complete the form below to receive your pool tag.  Tags picked up at the annual meeting or board meetings are free of charge.  Residents who request tags to be mailed to them are charged $5.  The mailing charge must be paid in advance.  One tag will be provided per household, any lost tags will cost $25.
Only residents paid in full or those on an active and current payment plan are eligible to receive pool access.  If the payment plan defaults then access will be revoked. 
This form must be completed by the owner of the home.  Tenants are eligible to receive pool tags however the owner must complete the form.   
2019 Pool Schedule
Please note the pool will open on those dates if the temperature is a minimum of 70 degrees and sunny.   
January – February – Closed
o    9th - noon–7:00
o    10th-17th - noon-8:00
o    19th - 21st – noon-8:00
o    26th - 28th – noon-8:00
o    4th- 5th – noon-8:30
o    11th - 12th – noon-8:30
o    18th – 19th – noon-8:30
o    25th – 27th – noon-8:30
o    1st – 2nd – 10:00-9:00
o    7th – 30th – 10:00-9:00
o    1st – 31st – 10:00-9:00
o    1st – 25th – 10:00-9:00
o    31st – 10:00-8:00
o    1st – 2nd – 10:00-8:00
o    7th – 8th – 10:00-8:00
o    14th – 15th – 10:00-8:00
o    21st – 22nd – 10:00-8:00
o    28th -29th – 10:00-8:00
o    5th – 6th – 10:00-7:30
o    12th – 14th – 10:00-7:30
o    19th – 20th – 10:00-7:00
o    26th – 27th – 10:00-7:00
November – December –Closed
Here is a printable version of the pool form.  This is not needed if you complete the online form below.  
Happy pool season!  We look forward to splashing around with you this summer.  
Laura Heights Pool Tag Form
Emergency Contact Information
Pool Tag Disclosures
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