Thank you for taking the complete your proxy for the upcoming meeting.  
Annual meetings and special meetings require the association to meet a quorum (a minimum number) of owners represented in order to hold the meeting.  If that minimum isn't met then the meeting cannot be held and will have to be called again.  This often creates several hundred dollars in extra expenses for the association.  
If you’re unable to attend the membership meeting and election, you can still vote by proxy. 
A proxy is the written authorization that allows one person to appoint another (the proxy holder) to vote on his or her behalf.  If you are going to be at the meeting you are good!  No proxy is needed.  We only need a proxy if you aren't able to attend.  
If you’re interested in using a proxy, please upload the one that was included in your meeting notice mailing or fill out the blank form below.  If you need a new copy of your specific then please send us a message.  
Please note:  Board meetings, town hall meetings, and other types of meeting do not require a quorum so no proxy is needed if aren't able to attend.  Just let us know if you are going to be there. 
See you soon!  
All Purpose Proxy Form (Annual and Special Meetings Only). Proxy form is not needed if you will be attending the meeting in person.
This proxy will be valid for the meeting date listed above as well as any reconvening of this meeting.
You can also attach a copy of your completed Proxy below if you will NOT be attending the meeting. No attachment is needed if you filled out the blank form above. No proxy is needed if you will be there.
Optional Attachment